Towards the Alpha

As the alpha approaches, there are a few things we need to have prepared. First, we’d really like to have three rooms: the hallway, the bathroom, and the kitchen fully worked out in regards to puzzles and wall/roof walking. Second, we want different rooms to be able to connect in a NON RANDOM way.

As of the current state of the game, we’re able to have the player going through paintings in order to switch from one room orientation to the other. Since this is a core mechanic for our games pivot we wanted to make sure this got done early in the week. As of today, this is the current state of that:

In this video, we are showcasing going through a painting on the ground and ending up on the wall

From here, we can start to build out our game a bit more. By Friday we’d like to have a rough demo of our starting hallway, the bathroom, and the kitchen.


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