Playtest March 7th

We’ve finally got our game into the hands of players to truly understand how they played it and what they thought of it.

We got a lot of great feedback that will help us iterate before the Ubisoft demo next week.

The feedback:

-players look around the room without prompting
-trouble walking up the centre platform because it requires player to hold and walk up onto it but almost everyone just gave up and thought they couldnt go on the platform
-circles the room atleast once before noticing the portal. believes the door should open instead
-does not always recognize the portal as a space to walk through (a more dramatic cue may be needed)
-skull is difficult to pick up
-skull button prompt does not always show up
-portal out of room sometimes is white or black
-Sometimes do not notice the key

-Majority checks the items on tables (attracted to shiney things)
-Everyone did not know which door to go to
-Half of players walked to end of hall believing that was the next area due to the open space shown
-players did not know to use interact button on door to open it
-someone requested the next available door to have a spotlight on it
-candle not obvious enough

-When entering the bathroom, player rises a little bit off the ground
-Lag in bathroom and lag continues when leaving room
-Footsteps helpful guide as to where to go
-Players got very motion sick (due to low fps)
-Players got sick from motion blur (due to low fps)
-Confused by looking up in the bathroom
-Cannot find the key after returning to floor
-Cannot make distinction between ceiling and floor
-Foot steps caused confusion when on the wall (may be due to low fps)

General Comments/Observations
-Level Up is LOUD. Do not rely on subtle audio clues
-Unsure what to do next when did not hear audio prompts clearly
-More visual indicators to the next step
-Headphones > earbuds at Level Up
-Confused by the crosshair and object hold location on screen (however, this was only Erika)
-Object that player is holding grows in size when pressed against the target area it is supposed to be placed in (model size actually changes. This occurs in tutorial and kitchen)
-Object highlight needed on objects that can be picked up
-particle effect needed on key
-game feels boring when there are no instructions or when player misses the instruction
-game feels boring when what they think can be picked up in non-interactable
-want to pick up shiny objects
-when teleporting between floor and walls, the two require clear distinction in the material
-motivated to play the game because of aesthetics

This gives us a lot of information for us to work with and in our group meeting on Friday we planned accordingly.

For starters, we’re going to re-vamp the tutorial room so that things like walking up the ramp are much easier and also fine tuning everything so the player knows exactly what they’re doing at all times.

Next, in the bathroom, we’re going to implement optimizations so that the players no longer face lag and making sure that players know which floor side they are on at all times by differentiating them in some way.

After that, we’ve taken into account some of the general observations/feedback the players gave. We’re going to look into better visual cues whether that be an object outline or better indication of where to go, independent of the voice. Next, we want to add more interaction to the rooms. Cabinets in the kitchen should be openable, drawers in the hallway should be openable etc.


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