Overall Playtesting Feedback

Problem 1:

Problem: Lack of guidance in the hallway
Candle that illuminates the doors that open are too high up to be seen
Players try out doors one by one / often go to the wrong door

Solution: Bring candles down to the ground level so the player can see which doors can be accessed
More candles around the doors

Problem 2:

Problem: Materials such as the floor have too much roughness and the tile size is too big on certain objects.
The shininess of metallic and wood materials are costly and interfering with being able to see the portals clearly. (bathroom/kitchen)
Portal texture maybe too costly and does not necessarily help players direct themselves to the next portal

Solution: Toning down the intensity of material normal/roughness/smoothness.
Adjusting shiny objects to be less shiny near the portals. Portals ripple effect helps them stand out.
On high spec mode the portals reflects where the players will end up teleporting to, so they indicate to the player where they will be.

Problem 3:

Problem: Hard to distinguish between essential object and general interactable objects (bathroom)

Solution: Essential objects now have glimmer effects and highlights when you walk near them to indicate that they can be picked up

Problem 4:

Problem: Confused by where the portal takes them and what the portals do.

Solution: Added a secondary tutorial room that teaches player what the portal is

Problem 5:

Problem: Sometimes essential items are harder to see under certain lighting

Solution: Kitchen scenes like the cauldron are now illuminated with a spotlight. More items will be clearly illuminated against a darker background

Problem 6:

Problem: Inventory could only use one item at a time, but can hold both things at once, so they had to drop an item to use the other item (kitchen)

Solution: Now inventory can only hold one thing at once
The player also knows which next item to find (in order)

Problem 7:

Problem: Players sometimes walk into a room and leaves before they complete the objective since the doors are open.
Players need something to guide them to their objective in game (hallway/bathroom)

Solution: Locking the players in
Voice/visual cues to tell the player again what they need to accomplish before leaving

Problem 8:

Problem: Players often disorient themselves after teleporting from portal to portal

Solution: A cube that is a HUD (on the top right) to showcase which surface the player is on.

Problem 9:

Problem: Sometimes the player will experience one second of delay as the room loads when they open the door.
Door sometimes knocks player back if they are too close (hallway)

Solution: Player root first load a simple room without details and then replace with actual room when fully loaded
Door opens the other way

Problem 10:

Problem: Players want to walk directly to the ending staircase (hallway)

Solution: Ending staircase will be unlocked after player collecting all keys

Problem 11:

Problem: Players always want to pick up and interact with the items in the hallway
Players likes explore and interact with all things in their environment
Players want to play around with non-essential items
Breaking objects are integrative to the narrative of destroying the manor’s valuables.

Solution: All non-essential items should not be pick-up-able, but should only be able to be shattered upon interact. Most items in the bathroom are currently breakable, but the hallway interactables and the kitchen interactables still need to break
Cabinets and drawers are all openable when the players interact with them

Here is a demo of what we currently had for the demo:

Beta playtesting demo

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