Team Update

This week our team is working hard in integrating many of the different features together so without further ado, here’s a quick team update:

Josh: Working on seamlessly connecting two different rooms together via their doors and furthering work on the inventory.

Seamlessly connecting multiple difference scenes together

Natalie: Kitchen models (smaller components like a coffee cup), helped diagnose and fix a lot of bugs in the game. For example, items sometimes falling through the floor or inventory items going through walls.

Coffee Cup

Grace: Adding random room code from the last update to current demo code so that the game biases you towards different rooms based off of what items you have and what items you need.

Chris: Working on the implementation of the non-euclidean hallway so that its similar to Super Mario 64’s endless hallway.

Pandy: Working on creating the materials for the kitchen and the office.

Bathroom with textures applied

Vivian: Room layout for Kitchen and Office and bigger objects inside of those rooms.

Inside the kitchen model

Paul: Working on background music and music transitions. Heres a demo of the music transitions.

Sydney: Finished particle effects for fire and is working on real-time post-processing effects (lighting effects), visual/special effects/particle effects

Fire particle effect

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